How do I buy?

Buying in our online store is super simple. Just follow the following steps:

» When you buy a product that you like, add it to your cart.

» Once you are done choosing products, click on "Go to Checkout"

» Fill up with your personal info, so we can process the order.

» Click on "Continue", so you can choose your shipping option and use Paypal to pay your order.


How can I pay for my order?

We only use Paypal as a payment method for international orders. Within Paypal, you can choose between different options to pay, such as credit cards, linked bank accounts or Paypal credit.


How do you ship my order?

International orders are shipped through DHL Express Service. You can see its cost at the end of the process. It takes between 2 and 4 working days to get to your address. Once processed, we will send you a tracking number so you can know where it is at any moment.


Whats the warranty policy?

Our products are carefully produced and quality controled, so they become your long-lasting partners. In Argentina, we offer a lifetime warranty, in which if a problem was caused due to a design or production mistake, we fix it for free. And if it was caused by regular usage, we offer a low-cost reparation service. On the other hand, unfortunately in international orders we cannot do this, as the shipment costs are very expensive. In this case, if the problem was caused by our fault within the first year of purchase, we will happily ship a new product, so you are finally satisfied. If this happens, please send us the order number, your personal information and the details of the problem (photographs).


What are the sailcloth care and cleaning recommendations?

» Sailcloth is a very high resistant plastic fabric. Therefore, you can use abrasive cleaners and brush. However, ase we usually combine this material with vegetable-tanned leather, we recommend not using too much water so it doesn't get wet and stains the sailcloth. After brushing the sailcloth with little water and cleaner, remove dirt with a dry piece of cloth.

» To dry it and prevent deforming and wrinkles, we recommend to stretch and dry it in the shade at room temperature or close to an air conditioner. Do not expose to high temperatures.


What are the leather care and cleaning recommendations?

The leather that we use is 100% natural and vegetable-tanned. It is a very noble material and its process is not harmful for the environment and the artisians that work on it. If it is properly taken care of, it is a material that can last many years and gets nicer and nicer with the passage of time. Some recommendations to take care of it:

» Do not immerse and prevent from contact with water. Besides of loosing its color, it looses its shape, resistance and may stain other materials in contact.

» In case of getting humid or in contact with water, dry with clean and dry piece of cloth and then leave drying in the shade, in a ventilated place at room temperature. Never expose to heat.

» If it gets dirty, clean first with a slightly damp cloth and then dry at shade and room temperature. If necessary, use netrual soap, but with very little water.

» Do not use cleaning products other than neutral soap. Do not use alcohol or ammonia, as they might harm the leather.

» Keep in mind that dark colors may transfer to other garments or materials, such as the sailcloth or light color cotton canvas.

» We recommend that periodically grease the leather or treat it with specific conditioners for this use. These products can be find at shoe stores or shoefixing shops. By this way, with time leathers turn more and more resistant to water.

» Do not overload or load with objects with sharp edges, as it is a material that molds and may loose original shape.

» Do not over expose to sunlight. Warm air may dry and harm it.

» Do not expose to closed and humid spaces, as it might generate fungus or mustiness.


What are the cotton canvas care and cleaning recommendations?

The cotton canvas that we use is 100% cotton and dyied by pieces with water-based colors.

» Do not over expose to sunlight. It might change its colors.

» If gets wet, it my leak a little color and stain other materials in contact.

» To clean surface dirt, use a humid cloth and neutral soap. Remove with dry cloth.

» To dry and prevent deformations, we recommend to stretch it and dry it at the shade at room temperature or close to an air conditioner. Do not expose to high heat.

Any other doubts?

If you have any other doubts or comments, do not hesitate on writing an e-mail to us at and we will shortly reply.