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Artattack Tote - @artisforlovers 01

$27.37 USD
In up to 12 installments of $3.16 USD

Shopping tote made with recycled sails. 


This piece is one of individual units intervended by hand by the artist Alfonso Villagran (Montevideo, Uruguay)


In every stroke of his brush, Alfonso’s passion for beauty is translated into images of exquisiteness and desire. As his artist pseudonym, Art is for Lovers, his paintings embody the splendor of the world in the image of women with all their fascinating expressions, colors and curves.


Forced to sketch out the lines that drive him, Alfonso depicts women with different stories and feelings, which transmit through when you look at them. Not to confuse Alfonso with an artist of pornography or mere sexual desire, his art is a gentle and beautiful representation of the passion that stirs inside of him when he sees a beautiful woman- Fire that most men can experience but not express.


To draw such beauty and release all his passion and sexuality in his pieces is the best evidence that art, is in fact, for lovers.


Height: 24"

Width: 22"



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